Friday, June 8, 2007

About Myself - My First Post

Hello and Welcome,
As of this post I have been buying and selling on for just short of seven years (since August of 2000). The vast majority of what I buy and sell is men's designer clothing. I love fashion and, thanks to eBay, it has become my primary source of income (eBay ID: couture_homme). The problem with buying and selling designer clothing on eBay is that a lot of the listings out there are for knock-offs. People get scammed out of their money every day buying fakes online, but you can learn how to spot and avoid fake luxury goods. You just have to know what to look for. My years of experience on eBay and with authentic designer clothing have made me rather web-wise to the knock-offs. I have had a lot of authentic designer clothing pass though my hands so I know how it looks, feels, and fits. I never thought I would start a blog, but over the years I have noticed the growing need for this information. I don't like seeing people getting ripped off just because they can't afford something at full price in a store. I don't like loosing business to people selling fakes, and I don't like hearing about people who are scared to shop online because of the knock-offs. I'm creating this blog to share what I know about sorting out the fakes from the authentic bargains. I hope you find it helpful.

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