Sunday, July 15, 2007

DSQUARED - General Info: Hang Tags

If an item has an authentic tag attached, it DOES NOT guarantee authenticity. Tags can be switched so check the rest of the pictures, the description, and the seller's feedback and items sold. However, a fake tag does pretty much guarantee that the item is fake. There are loads of Dsquared fakes on eBay, and, with some of them it can be hard to tell the difference. So, a good place to start is with the hang tags (if attached). The same tag is attached to all Dsquared items and it does not vary in size. If the seller has no close-up shots of the hang tag (or if there's another detail you would like to see) ask for them. If the seller won't supply them, or is just being a jerk, go bid on another seller's item (like mine!!).

Example (click to enlarge):

The tag is thick cardboard with a black matte finish on the front. Near the bottom is the Dsquared2 logo. The letters should be glossy and slightly raised. Above, in the example of the fake you can see that the letters are not raised because the light catches all the letters uniformly with no highlights or shadows. Below is a close-up example.

Example (click to enlarge):

In the close-up you can also notice that the "2" is in a different type face. This is good to keep in mind because a lot of the fakes have this 'incorrect' "2," not only on the hang tags, but also on the sewn labels and elsewhere.

Example (click to enlarge):

The back of the tags should be the raw cardboard color. The only real difference here is that the fake "Made in Italy" text is slightly larger and positioned lower than the original.

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