Friday, August 10, 2007

JOHN GALLIANO - Shirts: Fabric Content Labels

Galliano's men's line is not produced by Ittierre Spa. To the best of my knoledge it has only ever been made by Gibo' Co. Spa., who's tags usually look like the example on the right. Some of the auctions on eBay for fake men's Galliano clothing have pictures of Ittierre Spa. labels. Why? Ittierre does produce women's prêt-à-porter. You'd think the counterfeiters would at least try to get their labels correct. They probably just had a surplus of these fake Ittierre labels laying around the factory and decided to put them to good use.

Example (click to enlarge):
Example (click to enlarge):

Some of the fakes do have the the proper style label but the labels are still different from the authentic ones। In this example the print quality of the fake text is poor. The letters are very bold, as if the printer was laying on too much ink and the spacing and formatting of the text is a bit off. This fake does not have "Gibo Co Spa" printed on it (which is the production company of authentic men's Galliano). Some of the authentic labels are missing this too (such as the first example above) and I believe it is because they didn't print it on the labels of pieces from earlier collections, but I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

Your description is a fake.
Galliano and other luxury are produced by ITTIERRE spa and that's a fact. Check this out:

couture_homme said...

Anom. thanks for posting.
Actually, to the best of my knowledge Ittierre Spa is only producing some of Galliano's women's ready to wear line, and the second women's line, which was recently launched (it has the all lower case logo instead of the capital G). Ittierre does not produce Galliano's men's line though. I have owned and sold a lot of authentic men's Galliano (purchased in person at stores like Neimans, and Bergdorf) and I have never seen an authentic men's piece with an Ittierre label. If you look at the ittierre website you will see it is only the second women's line they produce (with the lower case g). The following press statement is direct from the site: Milan, Italy, January 26, 2006: IT Holding S.p.A. and Les Jardins d’Avron S.A. (the company which produces and distributes the John Galliano prêt-à-porter) have the pleasure to announce that they have signed today an exclusive licence agreement for the production and worldwide distribution of the newly-created second woman ready-to-wear line for John Galliano.

The licence agreement will start with the Spring/Summer 2007 season presented in June 2006.

The agreement is the result of the strategic decision of the two companies to dedicate significant resources to the development of this new womenswear line. The expertise and know-how in the production and distribution of ready-to-wear second lines of Ittierre (the “young line division” of the IT Holding Group) and the creativity, inspiration and design of John Galliano are the guarantee to a successful cooperation.

I was not saying that Ittierre is a fake, it is obviously not, Ittierre is sourced for the production for many of the top brands in fashion, including Galliano's women's rtw lines. I probably should have been more specific in my blog about this. I will edit the posting to emphasize the fact that IT. does produce womens but not men's. Thanks again for posting. -Peter

bing said...

Why in the first pic the label which doesn't have gibo was stated as auth. But in the second pic the label that doesn't have gibo is recognized as fake?

Peter (eBay ID: couture_homme) said...

Hi Bing,

Good question. I believe the older labels were not printed with the 'Gibo' and the newer ones are. I should specify that in the blog entry. I will update it. In that second example there are other factors too such as the size and boldness of the font and differences in the overall layout and spacing.


Marcin Giers said...

Dear Peter,
Been visiting your fakehunter blog since a long time....It's just a great idea and help for people shopping online. It's a pity there's only men's but it is understood in your case and very helpful anyway.
You can find me on as a LuxuryHunter. I added some pictures of authentic tags. Feel free to use them in your comparisons here.
Thanks and keep hunting!

Marcin Giers said...

Here's my message to you not another post:
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