Saturday, July 14, 2007

JOHN GALLIANO - Shirts: General Info.

The major thing separating fake designer clothing from the authentic stuff, is quality. The fabric and construction of the fake stuff is totally inferior (...looks like crap). However, since that is not always easy to determine from photos, one must find other ways to examine the item. Which is kind of the purpose of this blog. If there is a printed graphic on the item, print quality is a good place to start. For more detailed information please select the 'Print Quality' link in the John Galliano drop-down menu to the right of this page.

Within the past year eBay has been flooded with Galliano knock-offs. It's mostly men's stuff that's being faked, but they are also faking some women's jeans and pants. The vast majority of John Galliano items on eBay are fake. A large percentage of these fake items are men's t-shirts, and most of the sellers selling them are from China (As I have said several times on this blog; there are some good sellers from China/Hong Kong who do sell authentic stuff, but most of the sellers form China are selling fakes). If a seller has a lot of the same style item listed in different sizes, it is cause for suspicion.

As always, it is good to remember that the starting bid price of an item on eBay has NO bearing on its authenticity. Most of the fake Galliano t-shirts are listed for $19-35. However, there are some sellers out there listing the fakes for $158. I guess they figure it's a more believable price, which means buyers get ripped off even harder.

The Good News: If you do take the time to sift through the Galliano listings on eBay you will come across the occasional authentic piece. This authentic stuff is often dirt cheap because the fakes are scaring the other bidders away. The other bidders don't want to sift through the loads of fakes to find the real stuff, and/or cannot tell what is fake and what is real. But, since you are armed with all this great Fake Hunter information you'll be able to weed-out the fakes and grab a bargain on the authentic stuff!!

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