Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DSQUARED - Shirts: Size Tags

Some of the fake Dsquared shirts out there have incorrect size tags. In shirts, this tag should be a light grey color and it should come out of the left side of the black Dsquared2 logo tag. The size tag should stick out ruffly half an inch and it should be just a little over a quarter of an inch tall. The authentic size tags vary slightly but they all keep to this approximate measurement. If you see a size tag that looks odd, chances are the shirt is fake. Keep in mind that some of the fake shirts do have the correctly proportioned size tags so an authentic-looking size tag does NOT guarantee an authentic shirt.

Example (click to enlarge):

The example above shows a fake black size tag. A large percentage of the fake Dsquared shirts on eBay have this fake black size tag. It is coming out of the right side of the logo label (not the left side, as it should). This fake tag is black instead of a light grey, and the sizing letter is on its side. The authentic Dsquared size tags always have the size positioned straight up, never on its side.

Example (click to enlarge):

The letter should be in a normal typeface, not bold, as seen in the above comparison photo. The authentic tags can vary a bit in length depending on how they are sewn in but the fake one above is extra stubby.

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