Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Mission

I sell authentic designer clothing on eBay (mostly men's). I've been getting a lot of emails from other eBayers asking me if I could give them tips on authenticating a particular item, or, if I could look at an item on eBay and tell them if it's authentic. I've decided there needs to be some sort of an 'authentication database' where people can research a particular item. Not that I mind answering their questions, but, I figure that for every person who actually asks me about some item on eBay there are (100s?) more who don't ask, but who do need the information. Although there are policies and safeguards in place to prevent the sale of fakes on eBay, these measures do little to prevent the highly lucrative business of counterfeit luxury goods. The number of fake designer items on eBay (and the rest of the web) is on the rise. The most effective way for us to fight it is NOT to buy them. To do this you need to know what to look for. I would hazard a guess that the majority of people who buy the fakes online are not aware that the item is fake until they receive it in the mail. Many fakes look pretty good in the pictures but the actual fabric, craftsmanship, and detailing is VERY poor. It will start falling apart as soon as you open the package.

In this blog I will post articles on the basics of authenticating designer clothing over the internet. I'll regularly post helpful information concerning the authentication of specific products (ie. real vs. fake Dolce & Gabbana jeans, or real vs. fake Dior Homme shoes, etc.). I will also periodically post fashion and style updates and links that I think might be of interest to the readers of this blog. I am a guy, so the posts will often focus on men's fashion. However, many of the articles and posts in this blog should also prove helpful to the female readers/buyers. I want this blog to be an open forum so please post your comments, tips, and suggestions. Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

.....that wasn't a long-winded post was it?

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Anonymous said...

I am seeking for information in order to recognize whether a Dior dress (for women) is a fake. It's currently offered on ebay and I am thinking about bidding on it.
Do you know someone or any link where I can ask?
Many thanks for your help!