Thursday, June 21, 2007

DIOR HOMME - Denim: The Leather Tags

The leather logo tag is sewn into the inside of the waistband at the back (The F/W 07 collection now uses a different tag though). This leather tag should have squared corners and the stitching should be even with the sides. Furthermore all the letters in the logo should be even.

Example (click to enlarge):
The above fake example shows the "D" is slightly higher than the rest of the logo. All of the letters should be perfectly aligned.

Example (click to enlarge):

The above examples of fakes I have provided are of pretty decent copies, though you can see the sloppy printing of the silver logo (especially in the second fake example). The authentic printed logos can wear off with washing and wear, but they are not printed sloppily. Furthermore, some fake Dior Homme jeans have leather tags with very rounded corners (see the example below). The corners should always be squared (or slightly bent if worn).

Example (click to enlarge):

Example (click to enlarge):

This is a decent looking fake but the stitching is crooked. The black stitching around the edges of the black leather tag is always aligned with the edges. Furthermore, the stitching at the top of the tag is usually the color of the stitching in the jeans.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, great, and helpful blog!

Do you know if ALL Dior Homme Denim, particularly the ones made in Italy, have the black Dior tag with matching top stitching?

Do you know if there are any out there where the top stitching is black? I got my hands on a pair of 19CM MII, and the details overall look good, but the stitching is black. I got these on Ebay, before I had the luck of finding your blog so I'm not very optimistic.


Peter (eBay ID: couture_homme) said...

Not all have the leather Dior tag. The first season Kris Van Assche took over for Hedi Slimane he used the silver fabric logo tags inside the waistband. With the leather tags the color of the stitching across the top of the tag can also differ (if that is what you're asking). It is usually what ever color the rest of the stitching of the jeans is.
Cheers, -Peter

Benjamin Achilles said...

Can you please authenticate these jeans
Much love

Benjamin Achilles said...

can you please authenticate these for me
much love