Thursday, June 21, 2007

DIOR HOMME - Denim: Tags and Labels

The silver fabric content/ care tag is sewn into the inside side seam of Dior Homme jeans. These tags do vary based on the type of jean, the collection it is from, etc. However, there are some significant differences between the fake labels and the authentic ones.

Example (click to enlarge):
Above are three examples of authentic fabric content tags from Dior Homme jeans. You will note that there can be differences in the text and type face. The care instructions vary based on the type of jean. The first pic is from a pair of the velvet jeans, the second is the oil coated raw denim, and the third is the Strip waxed denim. Dior Homme makes jeans in Italy and Japan.

Example (click to enlarge):

In the above comparison picture there are two tags; the left is a fake and the right is authentic. This is an example of a pretty good fake. With the exception of the missing "made in Italy," it is hard to tell the difference. Lesson here: Just because it looks real doesn't mean it is. Check the other tags and labels before deciding. It just so happens that this convincing label comes from a horribly distressed pair of fake jeans with "dior homme" engraved buttons (the authentic jeans never have the engraved buttons - only a couple of jean jackets ever did ).

Example (click to enlarge):

This is the other side of the tag which has the fabric content and the washing symbols. If you start to look at enough of these tags you will notice which style symbol appears on the authentic tags and which appears on the fakes. For example, the fakes often have an elongated wash tub who's sides are more vertical that the real symbols. The other dead giveaway in this is the extremely long size tag. The size tag in jeans is never this long and usually in the waistband, not by the fabric content label.

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