Friday, June 15, 2007

It's All In The Details

When you are buying online it is important that you examine the details. It's always best to know what you are buying. However, many people do not have direct access to luxury stores so the research must be done online. That, hopefully, is where this site will come in handy.

The counterfeiters can get pretty accurate but they will never be perfect, and these imperfections can blow their cover. Below is a comparison photo of a detail of a fake Dior Homme jacket and a detail of an authentic Dior Homme jacket. It is kind of like those 'spot the difference' puzzles you'd play as a kid.

Example (click to enlarge):

The example on the left is authentic and the one on the right is fake. On the fake you can note the wider and strip of a different material along the zipper, wider spacing between the gold detailing, different color zipper, different style zipper, etc.

BUT, you don't have to know every design by heart. First of all, if you have a question you can post it in The Fake Hunter Discussion Forum and I and/or other members (hunters) will answer it to the best of our knowledge. Furthermore, you can pay close attention to the stitching and material. Even from the photos above it is clear that the fabric on the right is of a much cheaper quality than the fabric on the left. Also pay close attention to the seams, especially in places like a zipper or a button hole.

Don't sweat it though. You don't need to get caught up in too many details. The other basic hunting tips will often let you know it is a fake before you need to do much research. However, if you are getting ready to drop some serious cash, check all the details you can. If the seller's pictures are small or blurry ask for better quality pics!

Don't base your authentication process solely on whether or not the item in question looks like a detail picture on this site. Rather, you should use the detail pictures to learn how the authentic item is made and how SOME of the fakes look. If you read the articles related to the item in question you should be able to gather an informed opinion. If you have further questions you can post them in The Fake Hunter Discussion Forum, which may start an informative discussion and help others with the same questions.


Anonymous said...

I live in Ackland NewZeand and am looking at a jacket she has been advertied on the NZ equlivent of e bay the one im intrested in only has a sample photo but she is happy for me to view the item, but the other has real photo and the tags etc are showen. im going on the assumption that if one is fake so will the other.
Could you please have a look for me?

My email is

Thank you so much..

Asbjoern said...

Hi :)

You're probably not going to see this comment, but here goes nothing. Would you please verify if this Dior Homme marching band jacket is fake or not?

Thank you in advance