Saturday, June 9, 2007

Reconizing Fake Labels

One of the best ways to distinguish a fake item online is by the labels and tags. The tricky thing about spotting fakes online is that you cannot touch and examine the item. Most people would be able to tell which is fake by simply feeling the difference in the quality of the fabric and seeing the quality of the stitching and details. Since we do not have that luxury online the key is in spotting the details in the photos. Fake tags and labels vary in degrees of replication. Some fakes have downright bogus tags whereas others have pretty well copied tags. If you cannot see the tags clearly in the photos you should ask the seller for better pictures with some closeup shots of the tag. Most sellers on sites like yahoo auctions and eBay know to do this if they are selling authentic items. But, don't be afraid to ask. They are trying to get your business, and they need to work for it.

Becoming familiar with the size, font, and proportions of the brand's labels is crucial. Brands rarely change their tags and when they do it is usually major. For detailed information on specific brands please click on the 'Hunting Specifics' drop-down menu to the right.

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